Customized Treatment

Diagnosis & Treatment

For more information contact (203) 598-7399.

Our Sleep Center physician will evaluate all the information and come up with a customized treatment plant that is right for you. To make the sleep test as meaningful as possible, the patient and his/her physician are asked to submit specific information that would help identify any special testing, personal needs or pre-test actions. A patient may be asked to modify his/her sleeping schedule, caffeine intake or medication before arriving. The sleep techs often make note of important observations during the test.


The identification and successful management of sleep disorders has become sufficiently complex that many patients or their caregivers prefer a sleep evaluation by specialists in the field. This is usually done before any studies are ordered, but may also be helpful during the treatment phase. Consultations with

Dr. Jay Kenkare can be arranged by calling the Sleep Lab between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at (203) 598-7399.